"I had been given rather useless and expensive advice regarding my rights concerning a gender issue I had with a colleague at work. Almost two years down the line I was still experiencing extreme discomfort at work and being overlooked in promotion opportunities.

I had 4 sessions with Robert at 1st Life Management and am not only confident and strong in myself but have taken my company on with considerable success."
- Mrs R.J - Ilford

Professional Development

Are you functioning at basic self, conscious or higher self and are you familiar with ‘The Way of The Warrior’? We have a variety of programmes to enhance your professional development suited to executive professionals to ensure you are working at your best. Sometimes life gets in the way and can affect your performance at work so let us work with you to bring your best self to work everyday.

Leadership for Business

There are very distinct differences between being a leader and leading an organisation or your own business, so we have developed this programme specifically to assist you to navigate the pitfalls to have a successful and thriving business. Why not be ahead and avoid some of those common mistakes in business. We will share common themes and how best to avoid them in order to developing your leadership skills to assist you to thrive in the world of business.

Executive Career Development

We help build self-esteem and confidence; we can undertake a skills audit and look at career development. Interview preparation information and advice available. You will be shown techniques for presentations and given advice, motivation and reassurance to secure your move forwards.


Ongoing weekly or monthly mentoring opportunities are also available, do ask for details.