"I resigned after my first session! I found a fantastic new job that is so much better for me and pays much better too. The techniques Robert has taught me have transformed my life. I am easier around my parents than I used to be, and I can cope with the pressures of the job much more effectively. I feel as if I like myself now." - Miss. L. Hicks, Gloucester

Toni McLelland MSc

Toni Wiltshire

Toni is a critical friend and has worked in public and statutory sectors as well as Central Government and Ministry of Justice since 1994. Having held strategic roles she has vast experience in business development, compliance and crisis management as well as financial reviews having managed up 520 multi-disciplinary staff and multi million pound budgets.

She has extensive background in business continuity and contingency planning, due diligence and compliance and is renowned for developing leaders. Her work crosses the social care, education and youth justice sectors but are transferable across some other sectors which is evidenced by the diverse range of happy clients whose business’ have been saved.

Toni is known for standards and attained an ‘Outstanding inspection’ after six months in post with the Home Office, a ‘Good’ outcome within a PMLD education setting after 5 months and sustained effectiveness within 7 weeks within a social care setting. In an Interim CEO capacity she was also able to support the board and senior leaders to achieving a ‘Good’ inspection within a home care provision.

Toni is passionate about learning and behaviour management and techniques are applied to individuals through mentoring to enhance performance and re-engage in learning. Due to the strategic nature of the roles Toni has previously had she is able to assist you with your strategies, troubleshooting, safer recruitment and staff development.

Toni is passionate and committed to individuals reaching their full potential through learning, giving back to the community, early intervention and crime reduction. She is always happy to share her knowledge and experience with others across all private sectors.

In her spare time Toni is a keen netballer, coach, coach mentor and tutor with numerous clubs and netball academy. She has invested great time in developing local and regional initiatives and has a large portfolio of clubs that she has assisted.

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