"I resigned after my first session! I found a fantastic new job that is so much better for me and pays much better too. The techniques Robert has taught me have transformed my life. I am easier around my parents than I used to be, and I can cope with the pressures of the job much more effectively. I feel as if I like myself now." - Miss. L. Hicks, Gloucester

Robert McLelland

Robert McLelland

Robert – our own business guru has spent most of his adult life as a successful entrepreneur, funding and operating a variety of innovative business models before selling them for considerable profit and retiring at 40.

Since late 2000 Robert has moved from operating businesses to consulting and has offered many grateful clients both practical and theoretical advice regarding setting up their business. Likewise his proven skills as an effective trouble-shooter and instinctive predictor of economic trends have led him to skilfully save many clients businesses from falling prey to the recession or the threat of bankruptcy.

Robert’s effective yet simple strategies can just as easily be applied to your personal accounting, where he is equally comfortable in guiding you to success. He retired aged 40 years and has now come out of retirement to share his knowledge and experiences.

Robert is an experienced business executive advisor and consultant. He personally lives his life according to the powerful LAWS OF ATTRACTION and assures clients of effective wealth creation strategies using the methods he applies to his own life. Robert offers various methods to share his effective techniques for rating and maintaining successful businesses and personal banking.

He is devoted to personal fitness which enhances physical and emotional wellbeing and has developed a unique fitness, weight loss and body sculpting programme. Robert has more recently been turning his attention to vulnerable/marginalised groups helping them with personal issues/self-esteem and motivation. He employs a number of strategies to aid their development.

Working with them on a 1-1 mentoring basis Robert provides the perfect role model for entrepreneurs and gains a great deal of personal satisfaction from doing this type of work. Although pursuing various other business interests he continues to devote his time to this area. He strongly believes sharing his knowledge and experience with others will allow him to make his positive contribution to society.

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