"I resigned after my first session! I found a fantastic new job that is so much better for me and pays much better too. The techniques Robert has taught me have transformed my life. I am easier around my parents than I used to be, and I can cope with the pressures of the job much more effectively. I feel as if I like myself now." - Miss. L. Hicks, Gloucester

About 1st Life Group

Established since 2000, 1st Life Group is a Business Professional and Personal Development Consultancy that empowers individuals and companies to realise and perform at their highest possible potential. We provide consultations and bespoke programmes for individuals and companies alike.

1st Life Group has thrived from personal recommendation of clients who have excelled as a result of our services. We pride ourselves on the professionalism our clients receive whether it’s an individual or a larger organisation.

We are passionate about developing individuals and businesses and have all the skills and strategies in place to assist, with regular follow ups and support; you are never alone. We have a dedicated staff team and work closely with our associates to cater for your every need.

Who we are

Toni McLelland MSc | Robert McLelland

Our Clients & Partners Include:

  • Home Office
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Voice Newspaper
  • LWT
  • QPR Football Club
  • FFC Football Club
  • England Netball
  • Welsh Netball
  • Pro-Active London South
  • Go Mammoth
  • Albert & Friends Instant Circus
  • Children of Colour Fostering Services
  • Both Parents Matter
  • Centre for Separated Families
  • Coca Cola
  • Riverside Studios
  • Flexi School (Acton)
  • Notting Hill Carnival (London)
  • Top Corner – John Atkinson
  • Kingston University
  • Scope Disability
  • Bullies Out
  • Bang FM
  • Croydon Parenting Assessment Unit